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Is it worth mining Ethereum and Bitcoin in 2021? For many people, the words “Mining Ethereum” and “Bitcoin” conjure up mixed feelings.

You may be thinking of the incredible gains you’ve seen in Bitcoin over the last year – or you might be recalling how much money your uncle lost when he tried to mine Ethereum in 2020.

Whatever your thoughts on crypto mining are, it’s worth considering whether or not it is still a worthwhile venture in 2021.

The question of whether it is worth it to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum is not an easy one to answer. Firstly, it is worth noting that the profitability of mining has changed dramatically over the past few years.

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This is why you need to read this post to the end and not try to run the numbers yourself. It will help you make a more informed decision about how profitable mining is in 2021. Keep reading!

Mining Ethereum and Bitcoin – Is It Still Relevant?

Is mining Ethereum worth it? Is it worth to mine Bitcoin? Well, even though there are many ways you can earn crypto (such as trading and staking), mining remains one of the most popular ways to accumulate cryptocurrency.

Mining Ethereum and Bitcoin

However, it’s important that you don’t get involved in crypto mining without doing your research first!

How Much Can You Earn With Mining?

One question we’re often asked about Ethereum is “Is it profitable?” We can answer this by telling you how much money mining will make you.

How Much Can You Earn With Mining

While the profitability of mining varies depending on your equipment, current difficulty levels and fluctuations in price, there are some rough guidelines that can help you decide whether it’s worth getting into Ethereum and Bitcoin mining or not.

Is It Profitable to Mine Ethereum?

If we assume that every miner has a hash rate of around 30 MH/s and we take the average block reward (which is currently at around 204 ETH), this means that Ethereum miners make an average of 0.49 ETH per day.

Is It Profitable to Mine Ethereum

Is It Profitable to Mine Bitcoin?

The profitability of mining Bitcoin has dropped significantly over the past few months, but it still provides a good cash flow for miners. However, the investment is volatile, similar to stocks.

If we assume that every miner has a hash rate of around 200 TH/s and the current Bitcoin price is at $46,254, then this would mean that BTC miners make an average of 0.055 BTC per day.

Is It Profitable to Mine Bitcoin

The above figures means that if you have the right hardware, software, and mining pools, you can earn a decent amount of money from mining Ethereum and Bitcoin.

However, it’s also worth remembering that the costs associated with setting up a rig or getting into crypto mining have gone up over time as well.

This means that you need to generate more cryptocurrency per month now than ever before just for your equipment to be profitable. Check here some alternative trends for the future of Bitcoin.

How to Start Mining Ethereum and Bitcoin

You cannot answer the question of is it worth it to mine Ethereum and Bitcoin without understanding what you need to get started. There is a lot of money involved in these mining operations, so you need to be prepared.

How To Start Mining

The first thing that every miner needs is the right equipment for cryptocurrency mining. You cannot mine Ethereum or Bitcoin without it! This means either buying an ASIC rig from Bitmain or other manufacturers – preferably with the latest model available – and this can cost thousands of dollars per unit. Alternatively, you could opt for GPUs such as AMD Radeon RX 580s which are more affordable but not quite powerful enough to compete with ASIC rigs when it comes to hashing power (the speed at which your machine mines).

Getting The Best Mining Software

You need mining software, and you need to make sure it’s the right kind of software. Some mining pools don’t work with certain types of software, so this is something else that you need to consider before deciding on a pool where you can start your crypto mining journey. The most important software that you need includes Etherminer, ECOS, Kryptex Miner, BFGMiner, and more.

Mining software

You need to join a mining pool in order to start generating cryptocurrency with your rig or GPUs. The best way is to use CoinWarz’ Ethereum Mining Calculator or the NiceHarsh Profitability Calculator so that you know exactly how much money you will make before getting started! Once everything has been set up (and this could take some time), then everything else is simple.

You need to make sure that you have the right cooling solution in place, and this is important because mining Ethereum or Bitcoin can generate a lot of heat! You also need to keep your rig updated with anti-virus software, especially if it’s an older model – hackers are aware of these vulnerabilities which they use for their own purposes. It’s not just about keeping malware out either; security breaches could affect how much money you’re making per day.

Pros and Cons of Mining Ethereum and Bitcoin in 2021


Pros of mining

  • It’s an opportunity to get into the cryptocurrency market without buying Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • You can make a decent amount of money in mining fees if you have enough hashing power (mining rig).
  • If you’re already into crypto mining, then this will give your rig a new purpose and make it more valuable.
  • It’s an opportunity to generate passive income, and sometimes insane profits if done right!
  • You could make more money mining other cryptocurrencies, or join a pool that mines multiple currencies.
  • It’s an opportunity to get into the cryptocurrency market without buying Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Cons of Mining

  • You cannot mine Ethereum or Bitcoin without the right setup (ASIC rigs and GPUs).
  • Mining takes up a lot of electricity; in some cases, it can even exceed what you earn from cryptocurrency fees which makes it unprofitable for many people.
  • The costs associated with setting up miners have gone up over time – making money off these operations is harder than ever before. Though if you have enough power, then there is still potential to turn a good profit depending on where Ether prices go and how much hashing power your equipment provides.
  • Mining cryptocurrency can be a risky business – new miners should always do their homework and learn as much as they can before getting started.


Key Takeaways

  • Before starting to mine cryptocurrency make sure you read a lot about it;
  • BTC and Ethereum mining is a process that takes time and resources;
  • You need a very efficient GPU for crypto mining and the process demands a lot of electricity;
  • The setup and the location of the mining system affect the speed and efficiency of the procedure.
  • You can search for cloud mining as an alternative. Read more here.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question of is it worth mining Ethereum and Bitcoin in 2021 depends on your situation, location, setup/equipment used, and more. If you have enough hashing power (mining rig), then yes.

Even if you don’t make a profit immediately, this could change over time depending on how well Ether and BTC prices hold up from now.

You may also want to consider investing in other altcoins just in case these two major cryptocurrencies begin losing popularity which would affect demand for things like GPUs too! Use Tezro app to buy and trade crypto and talk with your friends in a completely encrypted text messaging service.

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