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Now that you have some coins in your wallet, you are probably wondering what you can buy with Bitcoin.

The good news is, there are lots of things you can get using Bitcoin. Remember how we did an article about it in 2020? Click here to read it.

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One year later some things changed, others stayed the same. Want to know what are the best services to spend your Bitcoin?

Check out some of the best uses for your crypto right now.

1. A Private Jet

When answering the question of what can you buy with Bitcoin in 2021, you shouldn’t forget to mention a private jet. Sounds, crazy, right? Well, with its value increasing at an incredible rate, you can actually own a plane with just a few BTC in your wallet.

Bitcoin Private Jet

Just recently, Aviatrade, a company that sells a wide array of aircraft announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. This means that you can now own luxury jets like the Gulfstream G650ER that costs around $40 million using BTC.

2. A Yacht

As with private jets, purchasing a yacht can also be done using cryptocurrency. The idea of using bitcoin to buy a yacht is not new. In 2016, the world’s first Bitcoin-funded yacht, a 52-foot Lagoon catamaran, was purchased in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Bitcoin Yacht

A Colombian yacht rental company, Prime Experiences, has announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for their services. You can, therefore, spend some of your Bitcoins enjoy some opulence as you sail through the waters.

3. Designer Clothes

In 2021, you can also buy designer clothes using Bitcoin. Many fashion retailers, including Farfetch and Lanieri have started accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method in a bid to make shopping more convenient and efficient. Through such platforms, you can easily pay with BTC and choose clothes from thousands of brands, including premium names like Gucci or Balmain.

Bitcoin Designer Clothes

4. A VPN

VPNs are useful for protecting your identity online and allowing access to websites that might be restricted in certain countries. Also, they add an extra layer of security to reputable crypto wallets such as Tezro, thus ensuring anonymity in all transactions.

VPN Bitcoin

The good news is that you can now own some of the best VPNs, including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, and Cyberghost using your Bitcoins.

5. Web Services

Surprisingly, you can also use your Bitcoins to pay for web services in 2021. This includes cloud storage and hosting providers. Cloud storage services such as MEGA accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Web Services Bitcoin

The Internet Archive, the company behind The Way Back Machine accepts donations in Bitcoin. Wikimedia, the company that owns Wikipedia also accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. You can, therefore, purchase a wide range of web services using your digital assets.

6. A Vacation

What can you buy with bitcoin? Well, your next vacation! There are dozens of platforms that allow you to book holidays using your crypto. They include Travala and CheapAir that allow users to pay for hotels, flights, tours, and more with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Vacation

Travala has partnered with other platforms such as Expedia and; hence you can use it to pay for flights from over 600 airlines and book hotels in millions of destinations using BTC.

7. Crypto Art

You can buy crypto art using Bitcoin. If you don’t know what is crypto art click here. There are many crypto art marketplaces, including Rare Bits and OpenSea that have thousands of crypto-themed digital assets for sale.

Crypto Art Bitcoin

Find a more extended list here of crypto art marketplaces.

A lot of the art pieces are said to be inspired by famous paintings, but with a modern twist. Regardless of the type of art you love, you can now use BTC to own impressive pieces.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin is becoming more accepted worldwide, including my major retail companies;
  • You can buy lots of web services, vacations and even vehicles;
  • Spend your crypto carefully and remember to store it properly and safely.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of things you can purchase in 2021 using Bitcoin. The good news is that more and more companies are starting to accept the currency as a mode of payment.

This means you don’t have to wait for too long before spending your crypto on unique items from all over the world.

To store your cryptocurrency safely, click here to download the Tezro app. You can buy, trade and store crypto, while being able to talk with your friends in a completely encrypted messaging service.

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