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Today, there are thousands of crypto art marketplaces. Non-fungible tokens have sold for millions, and the market is now estimated to be worth over $250 million. NFT marketplaces encompass anything, including virtual games, real estate, trading cards, and of course, digital art.

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continue to boom, investments in NFTs are on the rise. Digital artists and other NFT creators have made millions of bucks.

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Recently, Beeple, an artist, become one of the most valued artists in the world when he sold his crypto artwork for $70 million. Earlier in February, an art collector took the industry by surprise when he sold a 10-second video artwork for $6.6 million.


Thanks to the lucrative opportunities that come with NFTs, what are some of the best crypto art marketplaces?

Things You Should Know Before Choosing the Right Crypto Art Marketplace

Before choosing the best crypto art marketplaces, there are some things you should remember. You should weigh these factors prior to pick a crypto art marketplace where to buy or sell your stuff.

What You Should Know Before Choosing A Crypto Art Marketplace

Prioritize Security

Before minting an NFT from any platform, do your homework and make sure it is secure. One of the best ways to ensure a cryptocurrency art platform is secure is by choosing one with an unmatched reputation.

Additionally, read reviews on third-party sites and see what users and experts are saying about its security.

Don’t Forget To Choose A Secure And Reliable Wallet

Once you identify a secure platform, make sure you are using a secure wallet to store your assets. Some of the best wallets, such as Tezro, have advanced security features which ensure your assets are protected from malicious parties at all times.  Check out Tezro’s list of features here.

Additionally, they are non-custodial, which means you own all the assets you store in them.

Be Smart About Copyright

Copyright is an intellectual property law that all crypto artists should know how and when to use, especially when NFTs are concerned about.

The Copyright Act in most countries grant authors of original sculptural, pictorial, or graphic works the right to reproduce and distribute copies of their work and the right to create derivative work. Infringing on someone’s copyright is a serious offense punishable by law.

Therefore, do not mint digital artwork without proper authorization from its author since this may result in litigation.

Best Bitcoin Art Marketplaces

1. ArtOlin

ArtOlin is a cryptocurrency art platform that allows artists and art fanatics to record digital content permanently, hence making it possible for them to verify ownership and authorship of a piece of art from anywhere in the world. To make the artwork more traceable and easy to verify, ArtOlin registers artwork in an unchanged, transparent database.

With this platform, content creators are able to generate systems that monetize or promote their work immediately without the need for middlemen.


The lack of middlemen within the ArtOlin network ensures that artists can use their smartphones to safely send, receive, and exchange tokens peer-to-peer from wherever they are without going through third parties.

Through ArtOlin, anyone can generate, buy, or sell non-fungible tokens. Additionally, all creators can register and certify digital art by issuing their own NFTS swiftly, conveniently, and securely. As an author, you may choose to transfer or sell their NFTs through the OlinWallet, or they may keep them as proof of ownership.

The main objective of this platform is to develop the highest-quality crypto assets, which are popularly known as NFTs or crypto-collectibles. It ensures that crypto artists on their platform create collectibles that are durable, picturesque, independent from middlemen, and easily verifiable.

Through a quick glance in, you will notice a unique digital art collection that has transferrable and indestructible tokens that can be registered in the Bitcoin blockchain network forever.

When digital art enthusiasts buy a collectible token within the ArtOlin Platform, they are directly paying the author. The more popular your artwork, the more value and demand it will have. Therefore, if you are an artist, you should do whatever you can to promote your collections.

2. is a public, permissionless, and open-source blockchain that runs on a fully decentralized network. What makes this crypto art marketplace unique is that it features low fees that have gone a long mile in driving mass adoption of blockchain technology through Non-fungible Tokens.

This crypto painting platform is designed to be fault-tolerant and is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology, thus making it one of the most secure places for crypto artists and art lovers to trade. All transactions in are near-instant and deterministic and are confirmed with lower fees than on other platforms of its caliber.

Being an open-source platform, invites any code contributors or validator partners to continually improve its features and functionality.

3. is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Hong Kong. Despite offering its large clientele populace a safe, secure, and effective platform to trade their assets, recently launched a non-fungible platform that features works from the likes of Boy George, Lionel Ritchie, and Snoop Dog. claims that its crypto art marketplace is the largest in the world, even though it is invite-only. It is one of the few cryptocurrency art platforms that feature collaborations between mainstream and digital artists. For example, Boy George mixes his music with still and animated versions of his artwork.

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of is that it has partnered with the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team, which has made its return to F1 after close to 60 years with a collection of non-fungible tokens on this site.

Best Ethereum Art Marketplaces

4. is a renowned developer of blockchain-based technology used for tracking the provenance of collectibles and art. Portion allows creators and artists to develop and list art that benefits from the digital scarcity on the Ethereum Blockchain. This platform is based on a technology that provides a simple and convenient transactional solution from purchase to transference.

Portion is the ultimate online marketplace that uses blockchain technology to connect collectors and artists and allow them to easily invest, sell or own collectibles and art with utmost transparency.

There are no qualifications to joining Portion. On this platform, anyone can be a collector. Once create an account on this platform, you can exchange Ether for collectibles and arts. There are also advanced tools and features within the platform that can help you manage your digital and physical collections in one place.

5. SuperRare

SuperRare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. This cryptocurrency art marketplace describes itself as “Instagram meets Christies.” Currently, this platform has only a few handpicked crypto artists on board since it is still in its early stages of access.

Nonetheless, if you are an enthusiastic artist and would like to try out your luck on SuperRare, you can submit your artist profile through a form on their website. Once you have set up a great profile, you could get on their radar for their full launch slated for 2022.


When you sell your art in a primary sale, you will be given 85% of the purchase price, and the remaining 15% is charged as a commission by the platform.

For secondary sales, this platform gives artists 10%royalty in the form of passive income as long as the artwork continues to get traded in the market. It’s worth mentioning that all transactions on SuperRare are made using Ether, which is the native cryptocurrency, to the Ethereum Blockchain network, which powers the platform.

6. Async Art

Async Art is a relatively new entrant into the market that is both fun and exciting. On this crypto art marketplace, users can buy art that changes over time. It provides an innovative and unique way for users to take advantage of the technical nature that comes with its art form. Art on this platform is divided into layers which are sold separately.

All layers have different parameters that are all set by artists. Once you own a layer, you are allowed to make selections to particular attributes that impact the whole image.

Async Art

By allowing users to do this, the platform creates an environment that encourages interactive work of art.

If you want, you can purchase the ‘master’ or the whole piece of art. Async Art allows users to create, collect, and trade crypto artwork.


Artblocks is a platform that allows digital artists to have their pieces of art react to alphanumeric figures popularly known as outputs, which are generated by the Ethereum blockchain. These outputs are automatically generated and are guaranteed to not repeat, thanks to the nature of blockchain technology.

This platform provides artists with the ability to have artwork that is in a constant state of change. In addition, offers a revolutionary interactive system where patrons can send funds for an art installation so that it can generate unique yet repeatable reactions from it. is specially designed to disrupt the world of generative and disruptive art, hence creating a transparent source of income not only for artists but also for all the entities that host and maintain art projects.

Additionally, the installations operating on the platform automatically contribute to a central fund which is controlled by participants and used to commission larger projects of interactive generative work. They do this via a tokenizing voting system that is built into the project.

Without a doubt, this platform creates a real-world use case of the blockchain technology thr0ough harnessing mechanisms inherent to a blockchain for use by those who are interested in a random input for their work.

By using ETH as a value transfer and Art Nodes as an automatic input switch, this platform allows artists to immutably and directly benefit from patrons’ interaction with their digital works. Learn how crypto shifts in value here.

8. InfiNFT

InfiNFT is a platform that mainly focuses on flexibility and longevity. It allows users to develop their own Non-fungible tokens with fully on-chain metadata. Simply put, it allows artists to create and deploy their own NFT contracts and then use them to mint NFT tokens as they deem fit.

InfiNFT is built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, due to the size limitations on this blockchain, the platform also stores NFT file data on IPFS and ARweave blockchain. File hashes from these two storage platforms are written to the NFT during minting.


Thanks to this redundant storage coupled with on-chain metadata, InfiNFT is undoubtedly an extraordinarily robust token solution that serves the unique needs of thousands of crypto artists across the globe.

It’s worth noting that all NFTs minted through this crypto art marketplace are fully ERC721 compliant and can be traced through marketplaces like OpenSea. Also, there are costs associated with permanently storing files on the platform and is often factored in the minting price. This cost is usually minimal and is meant to assure crypto painting enthusiasts that their artworks will be around forever.

9. BAE

BAE ( is one of the smallest digital art crypto platforms that compete against established brands like Marketplace, Foundation, and Hashmasks.

It provides artists with a quick and easy way to sell their art and gain revenue in the form of crypto.

10. Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is a fairly new art cryptocurrency platform that gives users an unmatched virtual reality experience by bringing VR gaming, social experiences, and spectator events in one place. It provides a growing library of content to consume on-demand and is paid by a monthly subscription.

Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is a blockchain-based economy. In-game items, including collectibles, artwork, skins, and experiences, can be sold or bought within Terra Virtua driven by a token known as ‘TERRA.’ This utility token trading under the symbol TVT represents the secure way for art enthusiasts to trade in the platform.

This blockchain that is built in the Ethereum network ensures complete transparency and accuracy for earning and spending the token. Apart from being a renowned crypto art platform, Terra Virtua is also an entertainment hub featuring tons of Virtual Reality games. This is the perfect place for those looking to market their digital art to a global audience in a global financial ecosystem.

Best Art Marketplaces

11. Pixeos

Pixeos is a crypto art marketplace that allows collectors and artists to collect and sell art and other digital assets. This platform also features an avatar maker, which artists can use for creating the best pieces of art. There is also a commemorative canvas where art lovers can paint using their Pixeos tokens.


Pixeos is one of the few digital art crypto platforms to have Near Field Communication (NFC) Artist Kits that help artists bond their digital provenance with their physical assets. Through this system, you can sell your art online with a traceable and immutable ledger system. Every time your art is resold, you earn royalties.

12. AtomicAssets

AtomicAssets us a standard for NFTs that is built on the EOSIO blockchain technology. Everyone across the globe can use this crypto art platform to buy, sell and auction assets or tokenize and create digital assets. Find other crypto auction sites here.

Atomic Assets

This platform requires collectors and artists to provide a detailed and meaningful description of their work, including the details about the creator. This is aimed at giving anyone looking at a particular collection an overview of what to expect.

When giving your details as the owner of the work, you don’t have to reveal your identity. You can, however, include your social media links in the description. This will go a long way in increasing the collection’s success.

Key Takeaways

  • NFTs are units of data stored on a blockchain, a digital ledger, that is unique and not
  • People are selling their crypto artwork online and digital art marketplaces are becoming popular.
  • When choosing a marketplace prioritize security, be smart about copyright and choose a reliable wallet.
  • There are marketplaces specific to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum or

Final Thoughts

Which is the best crypto art marketplace? This is probably one of the biggest questions in your mind right now. Well, in this detailed list, there is no marketplace that is better than the other.

They all have different terms, but they are all great revenue streams for artists and collectors.

Your choice depends on your needs. Also, it is a prudent idea to use multiple crypto art marketplaces to boost your collections’ success. You can even use all the platforms outlined above and increase your revenue streams.

Also, you can use Tezro app to trade your digital art through many different cryptocurrencies. Download Tezro app and find out more!

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