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By now, you might already be familiar with some of the best crypto trading tools. However, did you know that as a crypto trader, you also need the best crypto charts? Still, is important to know that finding the best crypto chart app is not easy.

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There are many options, and each option has its own unique features and are not created equal. Let’s find you choose the best charts for crypto and go a long way in enhancing your cryptocurrency trading.

Why Choose the Best Live Crypto Charts?

Crypto-trading charts are visual representations of market data with different time frames to help investors identify trends.

They can be used to predict price movements or find support levels. In this post, we will take a look at the best crypto charting tools and apps available right now. Read on!

Best Crypto Charting Software Tools and Apps

1. is an open-source, live cryptocurrency market data charting and portfolio tracking website that offers a web interface as well as a mobile app for Android devices.

It has an interactive global chat box where you can communicate with other crypto traders. It also shows candlestick price charts of different cryptocurrencies in the sidebar on every page so you don’t have to go looking for it elsewhere.

What makes this software unique is that it offers an option to embed the charts on websites or blogs. You can even choose different settings for your cryptocurrency chart such as customizable period, time frame, and currency pair.

2. Coinigy

If you are looking for a professional-grade crypto exchange platform with tools designed to meet the needs of experienced traders, Coinigy is worth checking out.

The software provides users with real-time access to over 45 digital currencies across six exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, BTCC, OKEx, GDAX & Poloniex.


There are mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices which provide all functionalities found in the web version!

The platform allows trading directly from charts without having to open multiple tabs every time you want to place an order. Coinigy offers advanced analysis tools such as margin trading, price alerts, and trade notifications.

3. Shrimpy

You might remember Shrimpy if you read our article about crypto trading bots. However, Shrimpy is also one of the best crypto charting software for advanced traders.

The platform uses a powerful back-testing algorithm that allows users to test different portfolio management techniques for up to 100 years in real-time!

It also features the Shrimpy application programming interface (API) which can be used by exchanges, brokers, or other third-party tools to import historical data into their own systems. With this software, you will enjoy fast and accurate performance across all major desktop operating systems including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

4. Blockfolio

This is one of the best crypto charts designed specifically for crypto investors who need access to alerts from verified industry leaders through one simple interface. It allows you to customize your newsfeed using the ‘Manage Sources’ feature. You can choose which sources you want to follow and Blockfolio will keep an eye out for important market-moving headlines!

Blockfolio Chart

It also has a crosshairs tool that helps investors pinpoint entry/exit positions on charts, as well as access candlestick charting tools with technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracement levels, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), RSI & Williams %R.

5. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is a community-driven crypto trading platform that provides users with real-time information about the latest cryptocurrencies through its open-source website.

It has an interactive cryptocurrency price charts section where you can compare prices across different exchanges and currencies to make informed decisions when investing in crypto coins!


There are also industry news, events calendar & alerts posted on this page so you will never miss out on any opportunities or upcoming announcements from your favorite coins. Also, you can set price alerts and track your portfolio using their application for Android & iOS devices.

6. CoinMarketCap

This is undoubtedly the best chart for cryptocurrency beginners as it provides accurate and real-time data about more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies. Plus, CoinMarketCap is also recognized as one of the best crypto news websites.

It has a simple interface with market capitalization, price & volume charts where you can immediately see whether your favorite coin is in green or red without having to go through multiple pages from other websites.


CoinMarketCap also shows the prices of each cryptocurrency across various exchanges which allow users to choose their preferred entry/exit points based on cost! It supports over 30 currencies including US dollars (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), and Euro (EUR). It is also available in over 45 different languages!

7. is a free-to-use financial tool that allows crypto traders to stay up-to date on current market happenings through real time news, social media posts & technical indicators from all major trading platforms including Binance, Kraken, HitBTC and BitMEX among others!

There are also over 30 different types of graphs for those who want to analyze their coins in more depth such as price vs Bitcoin (BTC), 24h Price Graphs & Trade Volume Distribution charts across multiple exchanges.

It has an interactive cryptocurrency center where you can follow the latest news using live streaming video feeds from top websites like CoinDesk and Yahoo Finance! You can track your favorite cryptocurrencies with push notifications directly into your browser or by downloading one of’s free mobile apps for Android or iOS devices!

8. GoCharting

GoCharting is another crypto chart that’s packed with technical analysis tools including Fibonacci Retracements, Gann Fans & Andrews Pitchfork which are used to predict future price movements! It has over 70 different types of graphs for all levels of investors from beginners to the more advanced.

Best of all, it allows you to customize your workspace by choosing color schemes and designs so everything remains consistent across each page in one simple interface!


It is regarded as one of the best crypto chart websites that supports multiple timeframes ranging from M30 (one-minute) up to W240 (weekly).

You can even create live price alerts on any coin using this software plus there are webinars available every week giving traders an opportunity to learn new tips & tricks directly from industry experts who have been trading crypto for years!

9. Coin360

Coin360 is a great crypto price tracker for those looking to get an overall picture of the market as it shows real-time data from all major exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitfinex & Binance! You can also see your portfolio in BTC or USDT by clicking on the top menu bar.

It has various types of charts including candlestick and OHLC (open/high/low/close) where you can track a particular coin every minute without having to click through multiple websites.


There’s even a detailed cryptocurrency news section that keeps traders up-to-date with the latest happenings around the world plus they have created some unique graphs like how much each virtual currency was worth during its peak which enables users to identify coins at their maximum potential!

Coin360 is a good choice for those who want to see a full picture of the market by looking at all types of graphs in one place without having to switch tabs.

10. CoinTracking

CoinTracking is one of the best crypto live charts that allows you to track the real-time value of any coin on over 80 different exchanges from around the world. You can even add your own portfolio so it calculates all profits/losses accurately with each transaction including purchases, mining & trading fees!

The software includes various types of charts such as Candlestick, Heiken Ashi and Volume by Price which are great for spotting price trends or checking how much money is being traded at a particular time – perfect if you’re considering buying into an ICO but want to see historical data first!


What makes CoinTracking stand out is its Portfolio Overview where users can check their overall profit/loss in BTC or USD without having to switch between pages which saves them valuable time that they could be spending on trading!

11. CoinCheckUp

Another software that is regarded as the best website for crypto charts is CoinCheckUp. It has a clean interface that’s very easy to navigate, giving investors the option of choosing between multiple views including top gainers/losers and market sentiment which is great for finding investment opportunities.


There are several types of charts available with this software such as CandleVolume where you can see how much money has been traded over certain periods ranging from M30 up to W365! What makes CoinCheckUp an excellent piece of charting analysis is its Technical Analysis section where crypto traders can do things like look at Fibonacci Retracements or Gann Angles whilst also viewing Ichimoku Clouds – all in one place without having to switch tabs!

12. LiveCoinWatch

Are you looking for the best charting software for cryptocurrency? Well, try LiveCoinWatch. This is one of the best live crypto charts out there that has a clean interface and allows you to add more than 400 different coins/tokens.

For those who are new to the crypto industry, it’s worth noting that LiveCoinWatch has a large database of altcoins some of which may not be available on other platforms – this is because they only track prices from top exchanges such as Binance & Bitfinex whereas CoinMarketCap also tracks smaller tokens listed on multiple exchanges around the world!


What makes LiveCoinWatch stand out is its Upcoming ICOs section where investors can find upcoming projects before anyone else discovers them plus there are always several webinars scheduled each month with investment managers so users can ask any questions directly in real-time.

This easy-to-use platform helps traders make decisions by providing them with a plethora of statistical graphs such as Trading Volume, Bitcoin Dominance and BTC Correlation which shows whether altcoins are moving in the same direction.

LiveCoinWatch is perfect for beginners who want to track multiple cryptocurrencies from one website without having to set up an account or learn how to use complicated trading platforms!

13. Quadency

In addition to crypto charting software, there are numerous websites that offer technical analysis tools. One of the best is Quadency which provides advanced charts & indicators for more experienced traders who know how to read things like Ichimoku Clouds and Fibonacci Retracements!

Quadency has a simple interface that can help you get up and running quickly but it’s also extremely powerful allowing users to create their own trading strategies using several types of graphs such as correlation matrixes or Kagi Trend Channels – all in one place without having to switch tabs!


What makes this site stand out from other leading cryptocurrency charting platforms is its “Live Trading” section where investors can watch live trades being made by professional traders directly on the platform. This is a great way of learning from the best and getting feedback directly on your own trades!

It has an excellent forum where you can meet like-minded individuals whilst sharing and discovering new information with them. This website enables users to learn more about cryptocurrency trading along with receiving exclusive access to numerous webinars so they know which coins are worth investing in before anyone else does.

14. Koyfin

Koyfin is underrated, yet it is one of the best cryptocurrency charting software on the market. With this platform, you can easily track over 1500 cryptocurrencies from one website without having to create an account or sign up for anything!

Furthermore, Koyfin has a variety of technical analysis tools such as Ichimoku Cloud Breakout which is perfect for those who love using multiple types of graphs including Gann Fan and Fibonacci Retracements before making any trading decisions. This makes it easy to find new investment opportunities based on your own personal strategy.


What’s great about Koyfin is its charting software isn’t only good at finding trends – it also enables users to set alerts so they receive notifications immediately when a coin hits their target price, thus enabling them to take advantage of short-term opportunities before anyone else does!

15. TradingView

TradingView is one of the best crypto charting software. It is a platform where you can find professional charting tools, indicators, and strategies for cryptocurrency traders. You can build your own charts to suit your style or choose from millions of user-created designs available.


You also have the option of signing up to their premium plans that allow you access to advanced features such as custom technical indicator overlays, drawing tools, backtesting capabilities, and more! In addition, pro members get an exclusive chat room with direct access to other pro members via live messaging.

16. Altrady

Altrady is a renowned multicurrency trading platform that also offers one of the best crypto charts. It was founded in 2019 and has now grown to serve thousands of users. Altrady’s charting software is highly intuitive and user-friendly, with a wide range of features that will satisfy even the most demanding traders.


This tool features a multi-charting page, smart automated trade features, and trade analytics. Altrady also allows users to backtest their trading strategies with historical data.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use crypto charting software, Altrady is definitely worth checking out.

17. Crypto View

Crypto View is another excellent charting tool that’s very popular among cryptocurrency traders. It was created in 2018 and has since become one of the most used crypto charting software.

One of the things that make Crypto View great is its simplicity. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, making it perfect for beginners.

Crypto View

Despite its simplicity, Crypto View still offers a wide range of features and functions. It has real-time price charts for all major cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it has over 85 technical indicators and 75 drawing tools. This makes it a great tool for technical analysis.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Charting Software and Tools

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a crypto charting software or tool. Here are some of the most important ones:

1) Ease of use

The best crypto charting software & tools are easy to use and navigate. They have a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the information you’re looking for.

2) Features

The best crypto charting software & tools offer a wide range of features that will meet the needs of even the most demanding traders. These features might include real-time price charts, technical indicators, drawing tools, and backtesting capabilities.

3) Customer support

When you’re dealing with financial data, it’s important to have a reliable customer support team you can contact if something goes wrong. The best crypto charting software & tools have responsive customer support teams that are always ready to help.

4) Pricing

The pricing of crypto charting software & tools can vary depending on the features and functions they offer. Some tools are free to use, while others charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

5) Free trial

The best crypto charting software & tools offer a free trial so you can test out the features and see if it’s the right fit for you. This is a great way to see if a tool is easy to use and navigate before you commit to paying for it.

Key Takeaways

  • Cryptocurrency charting software assists traders to know the current trends and the fluctuation in currencies values;
  • Each platform appeals for a different kind of user: some of them you need to be an in-depth crypto geek, others are suitable for beginners;
  • Make a thorough research before picking a crypto charting software.
  • Some of these crypto charting software websites also operate as trading bots.

Final Thoughts

The best crypto charts are those that are easy to use yet powerful enough to provide all the information you need for your trading strategy.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency charting tools available, but the ones outlined above are a great place to start. They are all excellent at what they do and are amongst the most popular crypto charting software on the market.

Once you are up and running with your charting software, you can put your knowledge to the test on the Tezro app. Use it for trading and buying crypto assets and also chatting with your friends in a fully encrypted and private platform.

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