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What is crypto art? If this is the question running through your mind right now, you have come to the right place.

Cryptocurrency art is a term that has become more and more popular in recent years. It is an expression of art created using cryptography, the study of techniques for secure communication.

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This type of art can be very interesting to people who are interested in technology or finance because it incorporates aspects from both fields into its work.

If you want to learn more about crypto painting, where to buy crypto art, what is NFT crypto art, and more, keep reading!

So What Is Crypto Art?

Crypto art is a digital artwork that is created using cryptography and Blockchain technology. It is a form of art that can be difficult to define because it incorporates aspects from so many different fields. However, most crypto art pieces are visualizations of the concepts behind cryptocurrency.

In this sense, they give viewers an idea about what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum do and how they work through creative visuals in addition to text explanations.

What Is Crypto ArtThe cryptocurrency art concept revolves around digital scarcity. This means that each art piece is unique and can only be owned by one person. If you are interested in investing, crypto painting might also interest you because it provides a way for artists to sell their work outside of the traditional gallery system.

Crypto art is critical for various reasons, the first thing to note about creating crypto paintings is that they cannot be copied or counterfeited like other types of artwork. They use techniques from cryptography and Blockchain technology which makes them completely tamper-proof so people who purchase these pieces know exactly what they’re paying for.

Types of Crypto Art

There are various types of crypto artwork out there for people interested in mining them on galleries or as collectibles at auction houses around the world. One type is called “crypto painting” which typically involves creating digital images with pixels arranged in patterns representing codes used by computer systems like Bitcoin’s SHA-256 algorithm (a method for converting data into a fixed length).

The other type of crypto art is called “NFT” or non-fungible tokens (do you remember the difference between crypto coin and tokens?). These involves using Blockchain technology to create digital assets that are as unique and individualized as real-world objects like paintings, cars, or houses.

Types of Crypto ArtThere’s an important distinction between these two types: NFTs have the ability to be tracked and verified on a tamperproof ledger whereas virtual artwork can’t usually say it hasn’t been altered in some way after being created.

One of the platforms that sells NFTs is Auctionity, one of the best Bitcoin auction sites as we explained before.

Crypto art can be made by selecting and combining colors or images on a canvas to create patterns that are both aesthetically pleasing but also hard to reproduce without knowing the original combination of colors.

Another use is in cryptocurrency logos which combine aspects from two fields: technology (cryptography) and finance (currency).

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Art

If you want to buy crypto art as a form of investment, lots more people are turning towards online auctions for these types of paintings. The auction houses in different parts of the world have started hosting sales where the works sold included images that were created with cryptography.

Since there is no way to copy or counterfeit this type of artwork, it’s unique and worth investing in because demand will only increase over time.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Art

Credits: Art by Michelle Jin

There are places around the world which sell crypto art-based products like galleries (like Cryptograffiti), physical stores (similar to how some museums sell original pieces donated by artists) but also online sites such as OpenSea Marketplace which specializes exclusively on Blockchain-based digital items that can be traded without any intermediaries.

Buying crypto art online depends on the platform you choose. It’s important to consider the features of each platform before you make a decision. Some may offer better security or reliability than others depending on the country they are based in and where their items come from.

Is Crypto Art Genuine?

In a bid to answer the question what is crypto art, we need to first see whether or not crypto art is genuine. Truthfully, this form of art is genuine, as long as the person making the paintings is a real artist and not someone who has copied or counterfeited their work.

The best way to find out if crypto art is genuine is by asking for an original copy of the code used in it. This will show you that no one can tamper with what they have created, meaning it is 100% genuine.

Is Crypto Art GenuineAlso, you can ensure you are purchasing genuine crypto art by getting them from legitimate dealers or galleries that you can trust and are confident in. Here are some of the tips that will help you find the right dealer, galleries, or websites:

  • Check Their Reputation: Ask around about what other people think of this dealer, gallery, or website. If they’ve proven themselves as trustworthy over time then it’s safe to purchase through them.
  • Check their Authenticity: Does the company you’re interested in offer a certificate of authenticity on their products? This is one way to confirm that what they are selling is genuine.
  • Check Their Return Policy: If it’s possible, read about the return policies for this dealer or gallery so you know if there are any issues with them before committing to buy from them- especially if you plan on buying crypto art as an investment.
  • Read Reviews: Check reviews of previous customers to see how trustworthy and reliable these galleries, dealerships, or websites are. The best ones will be mentioned by third parties like review sites who have verified everything they do is genuine. The rule of the thumb is to go for a dealer who enjoys the highest ratings on multiple platforms.

Who Are The Most Famous Crypto Artists?

There are many crypto artists around the world. Selling digital crypto art, although it requires talent, is one of the most satisfying ways of making money with cryptocurrency.

These artists below produce digital art that is already recognized by the enthusiasts that spend their crypto on it.

Some of the most renowned crypto artists:

Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple

Beeple is arguably one of the most successful crypto artists in the world. He has worked with brands like Samsung, Nike, Facebook, and other big companies to create paintings that are inspired by both technology and finance.

Mike Winkelmann aka BeepleCryptograffiti

This Los Angeles-based artist is known for his unique style which blends traditional graffiti with cryptography using a variety of different colors, shapes, lines, and fonts among other things.

CryptograffitiHe currently works on commissioned pieces for clients from around the world but also sells artwork through online galleries such as Cryptograffiti Gallery where he personally curates all work sold there.

Mario Klingemann aka Quasimondo

Quasimondo is a famous name in the crypto art world. He’s well-known for his anime style of digital paintings which he started painting when he was 14 years old.

Mario Klingemann aka QuasimondoHe has made a number of successful projects including working on Disney movies and games, as well as running an online gallery where you can find many more original pieces from different artists that are all Blockchain based like him.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman aka DJ deadmau5

Joel Zimmerman is a popular DJ and record producer who’s also known for his crypto art. He started painting in 2011 when he lost access to Photoshop after an update.  Some of his series have been so successful that they are being sold on sites like eBay at incredible prices- some costing upwards of $100,000!

Deadmau5 crypto artRobert Alice Project

This London-based project was coined by Benjamin Gentilli. It is now one of the largest crypto art galleries in the world and is known for its exclusive collection of limited edition paintings.

Robert Alice ProjectCrypto Art Platforms and Marketplaces

There are many crypto art platforms and market places, including:

  • SuperRare: This Company’s main goal is to give power back to artists by letting them take care of everything from pricing, selling, and delivering with just a few clicks.
  • Async Art: This Company is the first to introduce a single place for crypto art. You can purchase from thousands of artists around the world with just one click.
  • io: If you’re looking for new artists to add to your collection or would like a unique piece of crypto art, then is the place you’ll need. They offer access to over 4000 pieces which can be purchased with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  • InfiNFT: This is a token minting platform that enables you to create custom NFTs. You can choose anything from the artwork, token name, and symbol as well as how much it will be worth in INF tokens.
  • Pixeos: Pixeos is a company that lets you create your own digital art gallery and sell your artwork. You can also use it to buy crypto art from artists around the world who have uploaded their work onto this site.
  • AtomicAssets: This is another platform that allows you to buy and sell crypto art. They’ve got over 3000 pieces from different artists all around the world, which can be purchased with either fiat or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and more.
  • BAE: BAE is a marketplace that was created by the artist, Erik Finman. It’s a platform where artists can show off their work and sell their pieces to millions of people across the globe.

Crypto MarketplacesYou can find some other crypto art platforms in this article here.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto art is digital art that uses cryptography and blockchain technology.
  • If you are a talented digital artist, crypto marketplaces are a way of making a profit without third parties involved.
  • To find marketplaces to buy and sell crypto art check their reputation and the reviews.
  • You should be given a certificate that shows the authenticity of the product.

Final Thoughts

The question of what crypto art is has dominated the crypto art world for quite some time. Some people believe that this is a new form of art while others think it’s just graffiti without any meaning behind the drawings and paintings.

Luckily, we have looked into this subject in detail, and you probably understand what it is, what it entails, and places to find the best crypto art.

Something worth mentioning is that crypto art is evolving, with new artists, ideas and themes constantly being created. It’s, therefore, exciting time to be a crypto artist or collector.

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