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What is NFT art? Well, this is a question that even people in crypto space have. It’s one of the newest trends in art, that is challenging conventional art as we used to know it.

What makes it unique is that it’s decentralized and only exists on the Blockchain so that people can own pieces of art without them being lost, destroyed, or stolen. NFT art is built on revolutionary technology that allows people to own pieces of digital art with the ability to buy and sell them for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

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NFT Art Meaning

By definition, NFT art is a piece of digital art that only exists on the Blockchain through a decentralized ledger. Anyone can own pieces of NFT art which makes it different from other types of artwork.

Usually, when you purchase a piece of art, you can own it but someone else still owns the copyright. With NFT art, people actually own pieces and always will as long as they keep them in their wallets.

NFT Meaning

NFT art can take different forms which is why it’s so unique. For example, the most common type of NFT art are collectibles which can be anything from digital cats to cards with rare attributes that make them worth something in the future. Another form of NFT art is crypto-kitties which have become very popular these days for being one of the first types ever created on Ethereum, a cryptocurrency platform where people are able to create decentralized apps (DApps). NFT art can also take the form of music, article, or even a meme, like “Disaster Girl” which was sold for $500k in 2021.

What Can You Do With NFT Art?

Now that we have answered the question on what is NFT art, let’s look at what you can do with NFT art. There are many things you can do with this kind of art, but it all depends if you are an artist, buyer, or collector.

What Can You Do With NFT Art

As an NFT artist, below are some of the things you can do with NFT art:

  • Sell it: You can sell your NFT art to anyone that will buy it for the price you feel is right. This makes NFTs completely unique because this type of digital artwork can be sold and bought like a real piece of physical art, except there’s no middle man. All transactions are done on the Blockchain which means they cannot be altered or cheated. Don’t know how to sell NFTs? Read more about it on the article Where and How to Sell NFT Art.
  • Sell parts: Another thing you can do as an artist is creating pieces where each part has its own value such as in the case with Crypto-kitties where people collect certain kitties instead of just one entire set. You could also make different versions/editions that happen once and never again such as the “Disaster Girl” meme by making slight changes to it every time someone purchases it.

As a buyer, NFT art is very unique so you have to understand all that it entails before making your first purchase(s). You can do the following with NFT art:

  • Buy it and Promote artists: This is the most important thing you can do as a buyer. You can actually help artists create a name for themselves by buying their art and sharing it on social media. This gives them exposure which is what they need to become more recognized in the crypto space. Don’t know where and how to buy NFTs? Read more about it on the article Where and How to Buy NFTs.
  • Appreciate an artist’s work by sharing it on social media: Another thing you can do is to appreciate the art that other people have created. If someone has spent a lot of time creating something, you should show them some love and help them get exposure by sharing it on social media.

As a collector, below are some things you can do with NFT art:

  • Build sets/collections: This is one of the most common things people do with NFT art. If you are a collector, one thing that’s usually in demand is building sets or collections of pieces that belong together. This can be done by buying pieces from different artists or even creating your own NFT art.
  • Collect rare pieces: Another thing you can do as a collector is to collect rare and unique pieces that have certain attributes, such as Crypto-kitties where each kitty has a unique trait that makes their value go up in the future.
  • Build a collection or set for investment: Another thing you can do is to invest in art with a long-term plan. This means that you will buy a set or collection of pieces and wait for them to appreciate in value so you can sell them at the right time.

Does The NFT Art Industry Have Longevity?

Well, the answer to that question is yes and no. Yes, because there will always be people who enjoy creating art and sharing it with the world, but also no because like all things in this space, NFTS are still volatile which means you never know if something will go up or down tomorrow.

In April 2021, NFTs plummeted by a whopping 70% according to a report by Bloomberg. This doesn’t however mean that NFT art is dead. On the contrary, this means that it’s still in its early stages and there are some things to be improved.

Does The NFT Art Industry Have Longevity

This industry has too much potential to die out easily. In fact, more people are joining the NFT art space every day because they realize it’s a new way to make money and express themselves. It is inevitable that this industry will grow due to its unique attributes which makes it something no other artistic medium has ever had before. Also, the art created on this new medium is truly unique and can be sold or bought like a regular piece of physical art.

The bottom line is, being an artist, buyer, collector, or investor in NFT art comes with its fair share of risks but it also has a lot of benefits that will make you want to continue participating in this space. As long as more people join the industry every day, there’s no reason for it not to grow exponentially over time which means if you get involved now while everything is still cheap/affordable then you’re going to have a great chance at making money doing what you love!

How to Actually Create an NFT

How To Actually Create NFTs

Having answered questions like what is NFT digital art, another overarching question running through the minds of most NFT enthusiasts is whether or not they can create NFTs. The good news is, you can create your own NFT by following these simple steps:

1. Choose a Reliable and Secure Wallet

This is perhaps the most important thing you should do when creating an NFT. Choosing a reliable wallet is essential because when you create your NFT, it will be sent to this address and stored there. It’s worth noting that not all wallets support the creation of an NFT so make sure that whatever platform or app you choose supports yours! There are plenty out there which means if one doesn’t work for you then another one will. Some of the best NFT wallets to consider include Metamask and Tezro.

2. Choose a Marketplace

The second step is to choose a reliable marketplace where you can sell your NFTs. You have two options here – you can create a profile on an existing marketplace such as OpenSea or create one yourself from scratch, or on platforms like Openbazaar, which is decentralized and has no fees.

3. Create a Collection

Once you have chosen or created a marketplace, the third step is to create a collection. This means you will separate your NFTs from others and make them easy for buyers to find when browsing through the marketplace. Creating a unique collection makes it easier for buyers to find your NFTs.

4. Publish the NFTs

The process of publishing your NFT depends on the platform you choose. However, most NFT marketplaces have a simple process that can be completed in under ten minutes and doesn’t require knowledge of coding or programming skills.

5. Promote Your Project and Sell

The final step is to promote your NFTs and sell them. Most platforms have a built-in marketing tools that allow you to share links on social media while others may require you to create more traditional ads using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

You can promote your work in other ways, including:

  • Start a thread on Reddit, Bitcointalk, and other crypto platforms
  • Send an email to your friends and family telling them about your project
  • Create a referral link and share it with others, and give them a commission whenever someone purchases your work using their link
  • Add your drop to the NFT calendar
  • …and more!

The possibilities are endless. It’s worth noting that not all NFTs will sell right away, so don’t get disheartened if you only make one sale in the first few days. Sometimes they can take weeks! The best thing to do is to keep pushing your work and you will eventually get someone interested.

You can get more information on how to create NFTs on our article How to Create an NFT: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Key Takeaways

  • NFT art is a piece of digital art that only exists on the Blockchain through a decentralized ledger.
  • Anyone can own pieces of NFT art which makes it different from other types of artwork.
  • You can sell it and buy it in online marketplaces.
  • To create your own NFT art, set up your own wallet first and then create a collection.

Final Thoughts

From this information, you probably know what is NFT art, why it matters, and how to create your own. The bottom line is that NFT art may be a bit of a gamble but the potential for profit with this kind of market has never been greater!

With more people joining every day from all over the world, this industry is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

This means if you get involved now when everything is affordable, then you’re going to have a great chance at a decent living while doing what you love. Download Tezro app now and share your NFTs with all your contacts.

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