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Selling your collectibles and property in Bitcoin Auctions comes with an array of benefits. The best auctions speed up the sale process. People come knowing that you are motivated to sell, and they are ready to bid amounts at fair market values.

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These auctions are a great way to sell whatever you have, including estate items, antiques, valuables, farm equipment, homes, and more. Before you go through, you can learn how to buy Bitcoin easily through this guide.

Now, the only question left is – what are the best Bitcoin auctions in the market?

Best Bitcoin Auction Sites in 2023

There are a lot of trustworthy websites and apps that are doing Bitcoin auctions. Below there are some of the best auction sites that accept Bitcoin:

  1. Tezro

Tezro Auctions

Perhaps one of the best, if not the best Bitcoin auctions available in the modern market is Tezro. This is a revolutionary platform that is recommended by many sellers and experts across the world. Through Tezro, users can buy and sell products and services.

This site has an escrow system that gives both the buyer and the seller a sense of security, hence giving them the peace of mind they need to do business.

On Tezro, buyers don’t have to go through a series of steps before they can communicate with buyers. They can do this instantly through Tezro’s market API. This is a tool that allows sellers to open a merchant account and sell their items within the system and on social networks.

This API ensures that if a seller makes changes to their products, they will be reflected on all their social networks. This is a feature you will not find on other bitcoin auction sites!

With Tezro, you no longer have to use the traditional auctions again. Through this cutting-edge auctioning system, you can buy or sell anything, including the things you consider valuable and luxurious. Once a transaction is complete, payments are made directly to the seller with cryptocurrency.

Buyers and sellers don’t need to have third-party wallets so that they can transact on Tezro. The team behind this tool has utilized disruptive technology, and they ensure all essential tools and features are embedded in it. This is why they have embedded a multi-currency, secure crypto wallet that you can use to safely store the digital assets you have earned from an auction.

Tezro’s digital wallets are non-custodial – meaning you own all the cryptocurrencies you earn. Click here to read a complete list of other features that Tezro has.

  1. Binance

Binance Auctions

Binance is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange launched by Changpeng Zhao in 2017. Zhao created Binance after a successful ICO that raised over $15 million. Those who invested in the ICO received the Binance Coin (BNB) in return, and they can use it to pay fees and trade cryptocurrencies on the platform.

It is, without a doubt, one of the leading trading platforms on the market, supporting over 200 coins. It provides highly competitive rates, and it is an ideal trading arena for both seasoned and novice traders.

Binance is a global platform that accepts users from around the globe. Apart from being a trading platform, it provides a wide range of other services, including financing, futures & derivatives, and exchange solutions. It is also one of the most sought-after Bitcoin Auctions.

The users can now auction their products and get paid in BTC. When a user presents an item for auction, he/she pitch a starting price to the audience.

Once the bidding begins, interested individuals offer competing bids until no one is willing to go any higher with the bid price. The auction ends with the highest bidder paying the bitcoin auction price and claiming the item.

  1. Auctionity


This list of Bitcoin auctions cannot be complete without mentioning Auctionity. This is a platform for selling NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Simply put, it is a place where you can sell Axies, CryptoKitties, blockchain cuties, and other collectibles accumulated from playing blockchain games.

What makes Auctionity unique is that some of its users are auctioneers. These are people who help items sell by crafting evocative descriptions and appealing graphics for items. When you join this platform, you don’t have to post an item and hope it sells. Auctioneers will help you and ensure your item sells.

This platform focuses on breaking the codes of traditional auctions by opening the space for a new generation of sales where buyers bid flawlessly in fiat or cryptocurrencies directly via they laptops, PCs, smartphones, and other devices,

Auctionity has a fairly simple interface, and this makes it ideal for inexperienced users. At first, you might find it intimidating, but you will doubtlessly figure it out in less than an hour.

If you own unique collectibles that you consider valuable, you might find it challenging to find bidders on other Bitcoin auction websites. Auctionity is the place where you can be sure to get high bids for these items and receive payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

  1. Bitify


Bitify is one of the most popular blockchain auctions in the market. It allows users to trade their items in a peer-to-peer market. Unlike other Bitcoin auctions of its caliber, Bitify features a Bitcoin escrow facility that gives users some sense of security in their auctions/acquisitions. This feature provides users with a 30-day purchaser.

Additionally, it has a money-back feature that ensures buyers may acquisition items with full assurance that they will get value for their money. This platform has completed millions of dollars in the past two years alone, with hundreds of thousands of items retailed through this platform.

Is Bitify secure? Well, this is probably one of the questions running through your mind. The answer to this question is straightforward – Bitify is one of the most secure auction sites that accept Bitcoin. Using tools such as the Xolphin SSL Check, you will find a valid SSL certificate on this platform.

This means that the data shared between a user’s browser and the site is encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties.  There are a host of other features that add extra layers of security; thus, you can rest assured of maximum data protection when you choose to use Bitify.

  1. TripleClicks

Triple Clicks

TripleClicks is a one-stop-shop Bitcoin auction. It features regular auctions with third-party sellers and buyers, just like renowned giants like eBay. It features its own penny auctions known as Pricebenders. To participate in auctions on this website, you must purchase TCredits which are available from $1.99 for one credit and 29 cents per Tcredit if you buy a pack of 200.

TCredits are used to list items on this platform. When your items are bought, the money earned is placed in your TripleClicks account, and you can use it to purchase other items for sale on the website. Users can trade on this platform with fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Apart from Auctions, there are many games you can play on this platform and win rewards. Some of these games are free, while others cost TCredits. You can then use these TCredits to bid for the stuff you need. When you become an SFI affiliate member on TripleClicks, you earn Vera Points for every purchase made. This platform has a customized online store already set up for you, and all you need to gain the SFI affiliate status is to use the affiliate toolbox provided to send friends a special link to purchase.

  1. Ubid


Ubid is a Bitcoin auction website that functions differently from other auction sites on this list. On this platform, users cannot post items for sale. It has both fixed price and auction listings that feature new, closeout, as well as recertified products from 25 different categories.

Since these products come from vendors, most members think they cannot get the best deals. Nonetheless, there is a “Deal of the Day” format on the site. These deals are available for 24 hours; thus, you need to bid as soon as you find them.

It’s worth noting that on this site, there are over five million operators contesting for items through an online auction. Here, users don’t need to acquisition bid packets to contribute to auctions. Once the auction is complete, and the highest bidder claims the item, other bidders don’t lose anything for participating.

Perhaps one of the downsides of Ubid is that goods once sold cannot be returned. The website states that every purchase is “final and non-refundable”; hence you need to be careful and ensure the item you are bidding is the right one just in case you become the highest bidder.

Bidding on a listing on Ubid is quite simple. Browse the auctions, create an account, place your bid, and wait! If you don’t have a fiat currency, this site accepts Bitcoin payments.

  1. XVFive


XVFive is one of the best online currency auctions that connects buyers and sellers for all types of products. Creating listings and uploading accompanying images is free on this platform, but sellers are expected to pay a fee for a percentage of every completed transaction.

What makes this website outstanding is that sellers can upload listings from other sites and maintain them from their accounts for as long as they want.

Another reason why XVFive could be your go-to online auction platform is because of the transparency that comes with it. When an auction goes live, buyers receive notifications. Also, they have the option to follow specific listings or sellers and place a standing bid for the amount they are willing to pay for an item. It’s worth noting that buyers must register to place bids.  Both auctioneer and bidder membership are free.

On XVFive, sellers can decide whether to list their items at a fixed price or in an auction. Purchases can be made through PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin. This Bitcoin auction website has a simple interface; hence it can be used by beginners and veterans alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Before choosing a Bitcoin auction website read reviews and ratings;
  • Prioritize your security and privacy always;
  • Choose a website with experience to ensure it is trustworthy;
  • Tezro and Binance are some of the most popular options in the Bitcoin auction market.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Auctions?

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Auctions

Before we look at some of the best Bitcoin auctions, it is critical to understand how to choose the best auction for your needs.

Below is the ultimate guide for you:

  • Choose an Auction Site with Experience

Since there are thousands of online currency auctions in the market, it is easy to go for the first one you come across. This is a grave mistake that could lead to an awful experience. It’s just choosing a crypto friendly bank: you have lots of choices, but you don’t want to go for the first one without doing some research.

Always do some background check and find out the number of years the company has been dealing in auctions and how long they have accepted cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

You also want to make sure the auction site is licensed and accredited by relevant authorities so that you can get the peace of mind you need to begin trading your items.

  • Read Reviews and Ratings

Just like any other auction site, blockchain auctions are double-sided platforms that must make both the buyer and the seller happy. This is a situation that can be difficult to achieve in every case.

Therefore, when reading reviews, take into account the competition at play in the entire auction process. Also, read comments regarding the professionalism of the platform as well as whether transactions and bitcoin auction prices are fair and honest.

  • Prioritize Security

Regardless of the platform you choose, make sure it is secure. Bitcoin can be traceable, despite its highly encrypted features.

Plus we live in a digital age where cybercrime is the order of the day. Ensure the bitcoin auction website you choose assures you of data privacy and security.

You can do this by checking whether the site has a visible SSL certificate and other security features.

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Final Thoughts

While this list provides 7 of the best Bitcoin auctions, there are still hundreds or even thousands more that we haven’t mentioned. Make this article your guide, but if you don’t find the platform you feel will work best for you, do additional research and unearth other great alternatives.

However, be careful in your search because there are many sites out there whose mission is to scam unsuspecting users and get away with their digital assets or property.

Once you sell your items in the blockchain auctions of your choice, remember to store your assets in non-custodial, secure, and convenient wallets like Tezro.

Download Tezro app today where you can participate in auctions using Bitcoin as well as trade your crypto assets with complete security and privacy.

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