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In the crypto world, there are winners and losers. One factor that creates a rift between the two is that those who profit use the best crypto tools, while those who consistently lose overlook them.

Apart from networking with others in the industry, it is wise to experiment different tools that fit your needs if your ultimate goal is to maximise your profit margins. Doing this can make the difference between uncovering the next hidden gem, or following the masses and investing in overpriced cryptos.

In this article, we are going to uncover some of the best crypto tools in 2022 that will completely improve your investment portfolio. Read on!

1. Altrady

Altrady is a crypto trading platform specially designed with one goal in mind – to make crypto trading accessible to all crypto enthusiasts. It is one of the most powerful crypto tools that can be used alongside popular crypto wallets.


This platform is made for traders by traders. All features in it are made to provide the best indicators for crypto trading, and make the lives of crypto traders easier, keep their risks minimal, and increase their profit margins.

The powerful crypto tools integrated into Altrady allow crypto traders to get the best crypto indicators that help them gain a better insight into the market and make more informed trades that save time and make money.

2. Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a portfolio management website that has gained massive popularity in the crypto world. It allows traders and investors to manage their balance across multiple crypto exchanges in one platform. With Shrimpy, you don’t have to log in separately to Tezro, Coinbase, or any other exchange you use to buy and sell cryptos.


This portfolio manager allow users to allocate their overall portfolios using simple percentages with statistics and visual snapshots. They can automatically or manually adjust the allocation of each coin depending on the market by altering the percentages which execute trades on their behalf.

3. Ledger Nano X

One of the crypto tools that all crypto enthusiast should have in their arsenal is Ledger Nano X. It’s no coincidence that we already mentioned them while talking about the best crypto wallets in 2022.

It is a hardware wallet with a combination of increased capacity for coins and Bluetooth connectivity to make it a terrific powerhouse to for managing all crypto assets.

Ledger Nano X

The main idea behind this tool is to help crypto users secure their cryptos online in the easiest way. It uses what is known as ‘secure element’ to keep cryptos safe. This element protects your private keys and keeps them malware-free. Ledger Nano X brings military-grade security to digital assets that can’t be found in software wallets.

4. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a Hong Kong based crypto exchange that has been operating since 2012. It is an advanced, veteran crypto exchange that is well-suited for advanced traders. It offers the most liquid order book in the market, which increases profit margins for traders.


It has other amazing features, including over 50 trading pairs, customizable GUI, and lots of order types like market, limit, trailing shop, fill or kill, stop-limit, scaled orders, and more.

5. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the most trusted crypto data authority sites in the world. It is regarded as the best crypto analysis tools that offers all the information you need to know about market capitalization, prices, exchange volumes, and currency conversion of different cryptocurrencies.


If you want to know how much your assets are worth today, consider checking out CoinMarketCap. It’s one of the crypto tools you can’t afford to overlook.

To learn how cryptocurrency earns value click here.

6. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a crypto data aggregator cofounded by Bobby Ong and TM Lee in 2014 to track crypto trading volume, price, social and developer stats. The platform claims to have $3 million in annual revenue and tracks more than 3,537 tokens from over 260 exchanges.


Plus, CoinGecko has partnered with Humboldt University in Berlin and Western University in Canada to produce massive cryptocurrency research. If you are looking for educational materials as well as live crypto prices, CoinGecko is the go to site.

7. Cryptopanic

Cryptopanic is a news aggregator platform that helps traders and other users understand price moments for the cryptocurrency they are trading or holding. This platform crawls through reliable news websites, social media sites, and other sources to ensure they give credible and factual information to their users. Through this platform, users also receive updates on the prices for major cryptos.


This helps them track news for each of the cryptos. You can use cryptopanic to prevent the panic in the general and individual crypto markets.

8. CoinMarketCal

CoinMarketCal is one of the best crypto tools which helps crypto enthusiasts buy the rumour and sell the news to maximise profits. It is simply a calendar tool that shows traders upcoming current events on various coins.


This crypto events calendar is community-driven and events-based, so the information in it is accurate and useful. It keeps users updated on events relating to tokens and coins, and all segments are filtered by exchange, category, coin, and date.

9. 3commas

3commas is a platform that provide users with the best indicators for crypto trading. It’s specially designed with the aim of helping users develop automatic trading bots.


The platform works with a majority of major crypto exchanges and includes a wide range of features such as portfolios, dollar-cost averaging bots, and more. 3commas is one of the most reputable crypto tools, with over 33,000 users and more than $10 million in trading volume every day.

10. Binance

Binance is regarded as the largest global cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume and weekly visits. It is available around the world, and supports over 350 coins (the number of cryptocurrencies available depends on the country you come from).

What makes this elite crypto tool stand out is that it charges rock-bottom fees.

Binance Trading

Binance allows users to trade, buy, and store multiple cryptocurrencies. It provides institutional trading with a volume-based fee structure, and individual trading that is divided into two categories: basic and advanced. It is also one of the best Bitcoin auction sites.

Some of the notable features available in Binance (some might be unavailable in some countries) include:

  • Stock tokens
  • Crypto savings accounts
  • Crypto loans
  • Debit cards
  • Liquidity swaps
  • Derivatives
  • Trust wallet (Binance’s own wallet)
  • …and more!


11. Koinly

Koinly is a crypto tax software platform that allows uses to easily calculate any taxes owed for their tax reports. It makes it easier for users to monitor all their crypto activities and generate regulatory compliant tax reports.

With it, you can integrate your wallets and keep track of all activities including mining, stacking, lending, airdrops, and trading. It also simplifies the process of accurately recording the ins and outs.


This platform can be used to monitor all wallet transfers, market prices, and calculate your crypto gains or losses before generating tax reports.

12. Atani

Atani is a renowned cryptocurrency terminal that should appear at the helm of your must-have crypto tools. It has a comprehensive set of powerful tools for trading, investing, managing tax reporting, and managing portfolios all in one place.


Its interface is simple and intuitive, and even newbies can use it to execute trades on over 20 top global crypto exchanges. It includes real-time data that can be used to calculate tax liabilities as well portfolio values.

13. OpenOcean

OpenOcean is an elite crypto tool that offers users a single entry point to access a comprehensive liquidity pool across multiple centralized and decentralised exchanges. It uses its smart algorithms to find the best prices and show its users in depth prices comparisons.


Through this platform, trades can utilize APIs and customize their trading interfaces to assist in their investing strategies. It’s worth noting that in OpenOcean, institutional users pay for customized interfaces so that they can execute their strategies, but individual users don’t pay any fees.

14. Ethbox

Have you ever sent crypto to the wrong address? Well, if you have, you can attest to the fact that this is one of the worst nightmares for crypto users. When you send crypto to the wrong address, there are high chances you will never get the assets back. However, with crypto tools such as Ethbox, you will never send your cryptos to the wrong address again.


Ethbox is a digital escrow tool that uses smart contracts to transfer your Ether securely and more conveniently across the Ethereum Blockchain. There are plans to develop this feature across other blockchains, and we will update this article once this happens.

15. NewsCrypto

NewsCrypto is the one-stop-shop for crypto training and news in the crypto sphere. Whether you are a novice or a veteran in cryptocurrency trading, this platform is suitable for you. It helps you learn and use technical analysis across a myriad of crypto indicators to get a clearer picture about the market.


In this platform, you will find a demo account you can use to test the waters before you can invest your hard-earned money in cryptocurrency.

16. CryptoTaxCalculator

Are you facing tax calculation problems as you trade your digital assets? CryptoTaxCalculator is the tool you need to avoid these problems. It allows you to faultlessly calculate your tax liabilities that arise from crypto transactions.

Crypto Tax Calculator

It supports over 100 exchanges, and the number keeps growing with every new update. You can upload your data using CSV or API files and calculate your tax liabilities without any hassle.

17. Stacked

Stacked is a trading platform which allows users to access trading bots, automate portfolio management, and invest in crypto indices. It is one of the few trading platforms that offers pre-built indices “indexes” to assist traders structure their portfolio.


This platform connects with one’s exchange account and allows them to allocate a percentage of their portfolio to a pre-built index of coins at the click of a button. Using Stacked, you can also subscribe to trading bots made by other traders.

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Key Takeaways

  • When choosing crypto trading tools go for the one that provides you more security and privacy;
  • Some crypto tools also aggregate news and are a way of keeping in touch with the latest oscillations in the market;
  • To maximize your profit margins you should diversify your assets and use more than one of these tools.

Final Thouhts

Look- one of the best approaches of testing out different crypto tools that work for you is taking a hands-on approach. Since you now have information about these tools, you have a huge advantage over other investors. Now it’s time to act and throw yourself into the fire.

Try all these tools and determine the ones that fulfil your unique needs. Most they are free, and if they are not, they have a trial period.

Once you determine the best crypto tools and incorporate them in your trading, you will notice massive improvements in your investment strategies in no time.

Don’t forget about one of the best that wasn’t mentioned here: Tezro. It’s an app that allows you to trade your assets, while also chatting with other fellow crypto enthusiasts in a total private and encrypted messaging service. Download Tezro app here.

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