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Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have slowly but steadily gained popularity amongst mainstream users.

Where Bitcoin was previously used by deep web surfers and people with shady dealings, it has now grown into something of a mainstream asset.

Tezro App Security

Don’t believe us?

Well just take a look at the number of multinational businesses that have all begun accepting Bitcoin payments, and you’ll probably change your mind.

But given the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, there are several issues to be had with using crypto payments:

1. Extreme volatility

First and foremost is the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market. With price fluctuations disrupting the market on an almost hourly basis, you run the risk of your currency suddenly devaluing or appreciating with no warning. Thus, making it extremely difficult to price goods and services reliably.

2. Security breaches

Since cryptos are decentralized, they are able to circumvent traditional financial systems entirely which is what has made it so popular. But as cryptos are decentralized, they are also subject to a large number of potential security issues.

And this can be seen from the billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies that have been stolen, security breaches are a very real problem for users around the world.

So, is there a way for us to get around crypto’s extreme volatility and major security issues?

Of course, there is, and this is where Tezro comes into the picture. You can check here all the services that Tezro features and now there is one more.

Tezro Loan Service

Tezro Loan Service is the latest offering from Tezro; the first platform in the world to provide users with secure messaging and money transfer services in a single app.

Now with Tezro Loan Service, users will be able to purchase items on credit from any of Tezro’s partners and pay for it in the currency of their choice.

So now, let’s see why it is a potential gamechanger.

1. Better cash flow management (90 day interest-free payments)

Let’s face the facts, times are hard for most of us and managing our cash flows can be difficult even under the most favourable circumstances.

This is why Tezro has introduced Tezro Loan Service which allows users to regain control of their financial freedom.

With Tezro Loan Service, users can take advantage of the “buy now, pay later” model and purchase items on credit. Thanks to Tezro’s generous payment terms users have up to 90 days or 3 months to repay the amount borrowed.

During the 90 day period, users can make installment payments as they see fit or pay off the entire sum. Better yet – Tezro does not charge interest and unlike a bank, there are no hidden fees to speak of.

2. Pay in fiat or cryptocurrency

As was mentioned previously, crypto’s extreme volatility makes it somewhat unreliable as a stable medium of exchange.

Fortunately, the team at Tezro have recognized this problem, which is why, Tezro Loan Service allows you to repay your loans in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

For example, a rise in BTC valuations means that the Bitcoin in your wallet is now more valuable which increases your buying power and makes it easier to repay your loan.

Pay in fiat or cryptocurrency

The same concept also applies if crypto prices suddenly fall – which makes your crypto holdings less valuable. And so instead of losing out when you pay in crypto, you can switch to the fiat currency of your choice when making payments on your loan.

This provides a level of flexibility that cannot be found on other payment platforms and definitely helps Tezro stand out from the crowd.

Besides that, Tezro’s panel of approved vendors means that customers will be able to shop with confidence on the Tezro app.

3. Proven track record

As a provider for digital payment solutions and secure messaging services, Tezro has a proven track record of security.

The Tezro messaging platform makes use of military-grade data encryption to safeguard data and performs regular security audits to check for loopholes.

Proven track record

All-in-all this allows Tezro to safeguard its users and merchants that operate on the platform.

From flexible payment options to giving users the freedom to make payments in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that Tezro represents the future of DeFi payment solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Tezro is an app that allows you to do all of your crypto transactions in one single device.
  • In the latest update Tezro has added a loan service feature.
  • The loan service gives you better cash flow management, paying in fiat or crypto and keeping a proven track record.
  • All updates of Tezro aim to have the safest app possible, thus helping to maintain privacy and secrecy.

Final Thoughts

Tezro’s loan service adds yet another feature in the app that we know, to help users exchange cash and crypto with friends and acquaintances with total comfort and ease.

However, since we know how security and safety is important, we keep a proven track record to assisting you in keeping trail of transactions.

For more information on Tezro, you can always check out our website here.

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