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As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, so does the number of online communities dedicated to discussing and trading digital assets. For newcomers to the space, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go to get accurate and timely information.

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Discord has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for crypto traders and enthusiasts. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people, share ideas and market analysis, and get real-time advice. There are literally thousands of Discord servers dedicated to all things crypto, so it can be tough to know which ones are worth joining.

What is a Crypto Discord Server?

A Discord server is a chat platform that allows gamers to connect with each other. It’s similar to other chat platforms like Slack or IRC. Discord servers can be used for various purposes, from organizing online gaming tournaments to providing a place for gamers to chat and connect.

Crypto Discord servers are categories of Discord servers that focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Crypto Discord servers are simply chatting servers for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They allow investors and traders to connect with each other, share information, and make trades.

Crypto Discord

Crypto Discord servers have become popular because they offer a convenient way for people to connect and trade without using a centralized exchange. Together with crypto news websites and crypto YouTube channels, they are one of the best sources of information in the blockchain world.

Here’s a list of the best crypto Discord servers to join in 2023.

Best Crypto Discord Servers and Groups Reviewed

1. Reddit CryptoCurrency Discord

Reddit Crypto Discord

The social media platform most associated with cryptocurrencies is probably Reddit. Although many cryptocurrency projects have their own Reddit communities, r/CryptoCurrency continues to be one of the most active communities dedicated to cryptocurrencies on discord.

The r/CryptoCurrency Discord server has 40,000 subscribers. The server is simple to use and navigate because of its free membership and variety of sub-groups. There is a section on the server for almost every crypto-related subject. The r/Cryptocurrencies Discord server offers a thorough introduction to trading, investing, and cryptocurrency in general, from helping beginners with investing and learning fundamental trading strategies to a section for reporting scams and even one for technical analysis.

2. Cryptohub

CryptoHub Discord

Cryptohub is a completely free discord server designed with beginners in mind.  Cryptohub is an incredible resource, with more than 30 separate rooms covering a wide variety of topics.

Cryptohub features 10 in-depth tutorials on trading fundamentals, best wallets, and staking new cryptocurrency projects.  In addition to a plethora of instructional materials, Cryptohub features over 10 rooms devoted exclusively to long-term investments and lower capital projects with substantial development potential. There are dedicated server staffs that regularly update these resources, guaranteeing that the information is always accurate and up-to-date.

3. Jacob Crypto Bury Discord

Jacob Crypto Bury Discord

The Jacob Crypto Bury Discord group is a hub for crypto fans, where they can discuss the latest market developments, learn about promising new projects, and take advantage of a wide range of special trading opportunities.

Joining a Discord group like Jacob Bury’s is one of the finest ways investors can enhance their trading tactics in 2023. The Jacob Crypto Bury server is unlike the many other subpar crypto Discord channels out there whose sole purpose is to make money for the channel’s creator at the expense of the community.

Jacob Bury is an excellent resource since he regularly addresses the public to share information on developments and possible trades and investments.

4. Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals, which began as a Discord channel in early 2018, has now risen in popularity.  The channel is one of the top crypto Discord groups since its members have so much combined knowledge and experience.

This Discord server’s major focus is on making money for its members through the use of technical analysis-based trade signals. Moreover, they study the market to find promising entry and exit spots. Good exit indications to know when to sell are always being broadcast. When the market begins to decline, this Discord community is where you want to be.

5. Mylol Crypto Community

Mylol Crypto Community

Mylol Crypto Community is the perfect fit for crypto enthusiasts searching for a friendly, community-oriented Discord server. Compared to other Discord Servers we have reviewed, this one has fewer than a thousand members. Mylol may be small compared to some other crypto-related Discord servers, but don’t let that fool you; the platform offers investors a wealth of useful learning resources.

Mylol has several distinct trading rooms, as would be anticipated from a leading Discord cryptocurrency community. Members often post research findings and trade setup ideas, sometimes going so far as to describe the thought process behind certain positions so that new users may benefit from their successes and failures. In addition, users may talk about other strategies and get advice from seasoned experts.

6. Cryptex Commonwealth

Cryptex Commonwealth

This fascinating Discord server will be perfect for you if you are an investor searching for a project that would run over a longer period of time. In contrast to crypto groups on Discord that focus on short-term trading, Cryptex presents a variety of instructive conversations, with the primary topic being long-term investing.

Additionally, the community is warm and inviting. It has many active traders who are always ready to carry out important technical analysis and who, in some instances, are even prepared to give mentoring.

7. Satoshi’s Exchange

Satoshi Exchange

Satoshi’s Exchange is a crypto trading Discord group that is similar to others we’ve explored, but it differs in a few significant ways. The group discusses news, new coins, and the best NFTs. Satoshi’s Exchange members have the latest information, which helps them make smart decisions.

Satoshi’s Exchange’s comprehensive platform makes it one of the best crypto Discord groups. Satoshi’s Exchange educates its members on vital issues, making them better traders.  Satoshi’s Exchange provides calls and trade setups on its Discord group. However, before joining, note that most of its signals are paywalled.

8. Cryptodra

Cryptodra Discord

Join Cryptodra if you are looking for something more cutting-edge. Founded in 2016, Cryptodra began trading in 2017 and has since shown steady profitability. Cryptodra differentiates himself by utilizing derivative market data and order books rather than traditional technical analysis. In addition, it provides an in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency industry using a data-driven methodology.

Market events and the best times for members to purchase, trade, or employ derivatives are the primary areas of concentration on Cryptodra. Despite having a relatively small membership (about 1,600), its members take cryptocurrency trading very seriously.

Each month, premium users can listen in on a Zoom session where experts discuss anything from the pros and drawbacks of technical analysis to analyzing order books and risk management/trading psychology. A lifetime membership on Cryptodra goes for $699.

9. The Crypto Nation

The Crypto Nation

The Crypto Nation is yet another channel that beginners should subscribe to and follow regularly. It is a reliable and uncomplicated group of crypto enthusiasts, even though it has just over a thousand members.

NFTs, DeFi, and ADA coins are some of the Crypto Nation’s most popular themes right now. The primary topics of debate include basic and technical aspects of market analysis and general inquiries aimed at beginners.

In addition to that, it features resources on learning, whale trades, coin reviews, how-to guides for beginners, as well as monthly technical indicators for traders.

10. Spacestation

Spacestation Discord

One of the first crypto Discord servers to become alive was Spacestation. the channel was established back in 2017 before cryptocurrency became widely adopted. Its founding members include some of the most senior and knowledgeable cryptocurrency community members today.

When it first began, Spacestation was an Ethereum-based forum were miners of Ethereum would convene to debate potential solutions to their challenges. These days, however, nearly every aspect of cryptocurrency is addressed on Spacestation. There are now subchannels dedicated to miners, developers, well-known cryptocurrency influencers, and other cryptocurrencies-related topics.

11. Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto Discord

Cracking Crypto is a Discord Server that would be interesting to anyone looking to learn how cryptocurrencies work. This crypto Discord community has established a reputation for providing reliable information. The server is primarily a trading community where cryptocurrency traders can collaborate to create cryptocurrency investment and profit-focused organizations.

Various aspects of cryptocurrencies and basic blockchain technology are highlighted in several subchannels. Additionally, the group includes additional channels specifically for crypto signals. If you’re looking for crypto signals to help you increase your portfolio, it’s unquestionably one of the best Discord communities for the cryptocurrency you can join right now.

12. Filthy Rich Futures

Filthy Rich Features

Over 15,000 people utilize Filthy Rich Futures Discord Server as it focuses on short-term leveraged trading. The server has numerous crypto trading resources and is free for beginners, but premium membership provides better value signals for more serious traders.

Signal provider-separated servers enable a steady flow of trades, and earning a spot in the signals channel encourages people to contribute. Filthy Rich Futures is a decent crypto trading Discord group, but it lacks market strategies like Jacob Crypto Bury. Filthy Rich Futures makes up for what it lacks in market strategy, with the number of calls.

13. Larva Labs

CryptoPunks Discord

The Larva Labs Discord server was the first of its kind, focusing exclusively on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Larva Labs, which was founded in 2017 under the moniker CryptoPunks, has grown to be the go-to resource for anyone interested in keeping up with the most recent developments in NFTs.

The team behind Larva Labs is also responsible for several very successful cryptocurrency-related ventures, including initiatives like Autoglyphs, Cryptopunks, and Meebits.

The Larva Labs Discord server team members are, in essence, extraordinarily successful cryptocurrency investors. Thus, Larva Labs represents a hub for cryptocurrency innovation.

14. The AXION Crypto-Community

Axion Crypto Community

Axion is a rapidly growing Discord channel that views its users as more of an extended family than as clients or consumers. Axion provides its members with a public forum on which they can discuss current trades and investments, as well as the opportunity to obtain professional advice and guidance.

The provision of premium trade signals and entry and exit positions in each given transaction has contributed significantly to the server’s widespread popularity. In addition, there is coaching on the best way to carry out transactions and investments. If you want to learn more about crypto transactions, read our article about transaction speed of cryptocurrency.

15. Super Pumps

Super Pumps Discord

Super Pumps aims to become the greatest cryptocurrency community. by providing a lot of enthusiasm and passion in Free Trading Signals, Airdrops info, Giveaways, Technical Analysis, and fundamentals of crypto Trading.

Everyone must participate in chats and debates on the server since the Super Pumps slogan is “We are stronger together.” The primary goal is to build a successful community on all aspects of cryptocurrencies. Super Pump aims to establish an organization that educates the community as much as possible about all of the developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

Those that participate by inviting friends and are active in the community will be rewarded with giveaways from Super Pump. You will thus get access to the #giveaways channel by inviting 1 Discord user to the Super Pumps server.

Why Should You Join a Crypto Discord Server?

Why Should You Join a Crypto Discord Server

Finding a supportive community can be crucial in assisting more people in finding their footing and developing in the crypto ecosystem as the crypto market grows and more people enter the space. Thanks to its large selection of servers and structured crypto community, almost everyone interested in the subject can find a home on Discord. You should subscribe to the top crypto Discord channels for many reasons:

Access to Timely News and Updates

The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, with prices swinging up and down at often dizzying speeds. For investors looking to get in on the action, this can present challenges – and even lead to loss if they don’t have timely information about what’s happening in the market.

There is never a quiet moment in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Keeping up with the market may be challenging, especially with the constant stream of new products and innovations. However, the finest crypto Discord communities will update their users on market dynamics and significant industry happenings.

Organized Flow of Information

Despite Discord’s origins in a gaming community’s need for voice and text chat, it has found favor among crypto enthusiasts thanks to its robust features. Discord is used in most projects because of its ability to facilitate communication between team or community members and solicit contributions from them.

The Discord term for a community is “server” rather than the more traditional “group.” To facilitate a more structured community, servers can be split into several “channels.” Dedicated channels cover a wide range of interests. Also, moderators might choose to private channels for only some people. This helps users not to get lost in the sea of information.

Opportunities To Network

Because of the cryptocurrency industry’s global nature, finding other people who share your interests in the real world may be challenging. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts may find a community on Discord crypto servers where they can talk with others who share their interests. This may be a tremendous benefit for networking and meeting key industry professionals. These people have experience in the industry and can offer valuable insights that can help you make more informed decisions about where to invest your money.

Frequently Questions About Crypto Discord Servers

Are Crypto Discord Servers Reliable?

Crypto discord servers are reliable because they allow like-minded individuals to connect and share information. The servers also have moderators who keep the conversations on topic and ensure that all members follow the rules. Finally, the servers are constantly updated with new features and improvements, making them even more reliable.

What to Look for in a Crypto Discord Server?

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a crypto discord server:

  • A good crypto discord server will have a variety of channels for different topics. This way, you can find the information you’re looking for without being overwhelmed.
  • The staff of a good crypto discord server should be active and helpful. They should be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.
  • A good crypto discord server will have various members from all over the world. This way, you can get different perspectives on the market and find new friends who share your interests.

How do I Join a Crypto Discord Server?

Discord is simple to use and can be accessed on any device. Joining a Discord server is easy and only takes a few seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Discord app and sign in or create an account.
  2. Find the server you want to join. You can do this by searching for it, or if someone has invited you, clicking on the link they sent you.
  3. Once you’re on the server page, click “Join Server.”
  4. That’s it! You’re now on the server and can start chatting with others.

Key Takeaways

  • Discord crypto servers are communities where you can discuss relevant topics;
  • You might find information quickly on these communities about the fluctuation in crypto values instead of news sources;
  • Be aware that Discord has bots and scammers, so do not share personal information with anyone.
  • It is better to be part of different communities of these instead of one only, so you can obtain distinct perspectives.


In conclusion, these are the best crypto Discord servers to join in 2023. They offer a variety of services and are constantly expanding. If you are interested in joining a server, make sure to research it thoroughly before doing so.

Joining a server is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and information in the crypto world. You can also access our blog to find accurate info on the crypto scene.

Each server has its own unique features and benefits that make it a great choice for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies. So what are you waiting for? Join one of these servers today and start your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies!

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