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TEZRO Crypto Wallet and Encrypted Chat App: Key Features, Functions, and Benefits

Choosing the perfect application software for your business and personal use, can enhance efficiency and productivity. If you choose the wrong app for some reason, you could end up with something that ultimately costs you time, energy, and resources.

If you are looking for the best application that will eliminate the need for multiple crypto wallets and chat applications, look no further. TEZRO has got you covered!

TEZRO is a secure tool that is designed to help businesses and individuals securely store their digital currencies. Meanwhile, it enables the free flow of information through the convenient integration of multiple chat applications.

Through TEZRO, you can rest assured that your private conversations, as well as sensitive data, are secured by military-grade encryption software.

What Are TEZRO Main Features?

Crypto Wallet

With TEZRO, you don’t need multiple crypto wallets for your digital currencies. It‘s your right to have full control of your data, security, and money.

This application is specially made to provide you secured custody and full control of your crypto.

This wallet is, without a doubt, one of the most flexible and secure wallets you can use to store a plethora of digital assets. You can also use it to send cryptocurrencies to anyone around the world at your preferred network fee and confirmation speed.

Security is a top priority, and TEZRO ensures your wallet is protected by robust encryption software.

Send and Receive Encrypted Text Messages

Sometimes you might forget to check some of your messaging apps and miss out on important messages and information. TEZRO is here to turn this into a thing of the past.

It allows users to collect all their messengers in a single application and enhance convenience. This is not all – users will be delighted to know they are sending and receiving encrypted messages! This means that when you use TEZRO, all your conversations will have end-to-end encryption.

Through this, private messages will not get into the hands of hackers, snoopers, and other malicious parties focused on stealing your sensitive data and use it without your permission.

The encryption technology used in this app is exceptionally strong and ensures that even if security flaws occur and cybercriminals breach one of your messaging apps, they will not decrypt your conversations!

TEZRO Exchange

TEZRO is an amazing exchange app that allows users to seamlessly trade their digital assets.

This system is developed by a team of professionals who understand the underlying structure of exchange, ranging from liquidity, security mechanisms, ultra-low latency systems, and more.

As a result, TEZRO will streamline the contract design of different financial products to make them easier and more efficient.

TEZRO exchange is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platform and the most trustworthy platforms for novices to get into digital assets trading.


Do you want to gift someone special with something, but you cannot think of a worthwhile gift? You can find the perfect idea using TEZRO gift.

This app has a simple interface, and you can find whatever you need with total comfort.

Buy Goods in TEZRO

If you have done shopping in an online store, you know how tedious the checkout process is. With TEZRO, you can buy goods easily without undergoing unnecessary registrations and complex payment methods.

Whether you want to buy electronics, clothes, art, and jewelry from celebrity collections, shoes from the best brands, or anything else, you can rely on TEZRO app and buy everything in one click!

Using Fiat Currencies

Using TEZRO, you can use cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies for various transactions.

If you don’t have any coins in your wallet and you want to buy them or do some shopping, you can use various fiat currencies, including US dollars, Euros, Chinese Yuan, and more.

Supported Cryptos and Currencies

TEZRO provides users with a wide range of options when it comes to cryptos and currencies. Supported cryptocurrencies include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • EOS
  • USDT
  • EURT
  • CHNT

Supported fiat currencies supported include:

  • Euro (EUR)
  • US Dollar (USD)
  • Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Tether Gold (XAUT) is also a supported currency in TEZRO

Benefits of TEZRO

TEZRO rides along with a myriad of benefits that makes it stand out from the competition. Below some of the benefits included with the app.


TEZRO’s development team doesn’t compromise on security in any of its features.

State-of-the-art technology is used when building every part of the application, and new security methods are integrated to give the end-user stronger security guarantees.


When using TEZRO, users can be sure that their privacy in both transactions and communications is protected.

The app uses cutting-edge security features to safeguard private information and provides users with the right to total anonymity.


Anyone around the world can use TEZRO. Yes! Regardless of the part of the world, you hail from, you can make the best out of this revolutionary application.

During the signup process, you will realize that the TEZRO team firmly believes in widespread access to their software.

Additionally, this application is easy to use, which makes it accessible to experts and novices alike.


Looking at the awesome design, desirable performance, and seamless 24/7 customer support, it goes without saying that TEZRO is ready to keep developing and improve.

Your suggestions and feedback will be important. We will grow together.


TEZRO is not like other similar applications that contain complicated designs and confusing features. This app is simple, and every feature in it is straightforward.

Therefore, it is ideal for those who haven’t used a crypto wallet and chat application in the past.


Apart from the amazing features users enjoy in the application, the TEZRO team has also created a blog section that is regularly updated with valuable information.

This information is compelling and focuses on providing practical solutions to problems that businesses and individuals face every day.

Supported Platforms

If you spend most of your day behind your desk, you can make the best out of TEZRO’s desktop application that is compatible with Windows and Mac.

In case you want to enjoy the benefits of this app while on the go, you can download a dedicated app for Android on Google Play Store or for iOS on Apple Store.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We hope we have convinced you to join TEZRO and appreciate an app that has tons of functionalities and will improve your life.

Whether you are an avid cryptocurrency trader, an important businessman or just someone looking for a fully encrypted messenger app, TEZRO is your answer.

Download it now for iOS and Android to enjoy disruptive technology at the distance of a click.

Get the Tezro App

TEZRO is an all-in-one application for secure instant messaging and crypto payments, there is no need to have multiple chat applications or crypto wallets ever again. Your communication and finances are secure and encrypted under TEZRO. Try it now!

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Secure Messaging In 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Ask yourself this, when was the last time that you checked your text messages? Probably it was just a few minutes ago.

Whether it’s our loved ones or colleagues, technology has allowed us to remain constantly in contact with one another.

This has been wonderful in helping us forge closer connections, but all of this unfortunately comes at a price and we have all asked ourselves ‘are text messages secure’?. In the digital age, information has become a commodity that can be traded and exchanged.

Over the years, technological advancements have lulled us into a false sense of security. Before the introduction of smart devices and instant messaging, the idea of sharing pictures and locations with one another seemed ludicrous.

Nowadays, some of us don’t think even twice about sending sensitive information or private pictures with those around us.

This begs the question, are text messages actually secure?

Can we trust our service providers to protect our privacy? What measures are being taken to prevent this information from being stolen and misused by malicious third parties?

In this article, we ask the question; what text messaging threats are and how can we better protect ourselves.

What are the text messaging threats?

A 2016 study revealed that over 6 billion text messages were sent daily in the U.S alone. From random chats to sensitive financial information, text messages are an often-overlooked security risk.

Text messaging threats refers to the danger of sensitive information in text messages falling into the hands of hackers and other malicious parties. Given the various security breaches over the years, it would be folly to overestimate the security provided by text messages.

Having a stranger gain access to your personal conversations is bad enough on its own. How about your credit card information and banking details?

Lapses in security could very well result in a thief stealing your credit card information to conduct unauthorized purchases or making use of your personal details to blackmail you.

In 2019, it was reported that a massive data breach occurred which resulted in hundreds of millions of text messages being leaked online. This is an extremely worrisome trend which is why data encryption is now more important than ever.

Are text messages encrypted?

Now that you’ve recognized the gravity of the situation, the question on your mind should be; are text messages secure and can anyone read your text messages?

Imagine your partner’s intimate pictures being leaked online for millions to leer at. What about highly confidential information such as details of your company’s next big deal? The consequences of such a disaster are too fearful to think about.

Even worse is the fact that text messages are not encrypted. What this means is that your mobile carrier and the government will have no trouble reading the text messages that you send.

Ever wonder how some random telemarketer or scammer got your number? Here’s one of the main reasons why.

While generally reliable, text messages can be easily intercepted by hackers which makes sending sensitive information by SMS a risky option. On their own, text messages reveal metadata such as telephone numbers which make it possible for the identity of recipients and senders to be detected.

At best, this can expose you to the risk of identity theft and at worst, you’ll be bombarded with scammers and telemarketers.

Get the Tezro App

TEZRO is an all-in-one application for secure instant messaging and crypto payments, there is no need to have multiple chat applications or crypto wallets ever again. Your communication and finances are secure and encrypted under TEZRO. Try it now!

How secure are text messages?

Generally speaking, text messages are not a safe method of communicating. While you may not be sending or receiving confidential information, you’ll only be exposing you and your loved ones to the risk of cybercrime.

The lack of encryption and basic security measures means that your texts can easily be intercepted. This does not mean that text messages are an awful means of communication – far from it.

Instead, when sending messages by text, practice good security hygiene and keep the important stuff for when you meet in person.

Are text messages more secure than email?

Email or electronic mail works by transmitting messages over the internet from a sender to the recipient. Having been around since the 1960s, email is one of the most popular means of communication.

However in recent times given a series of high-profile data leaks some of which have had severe consequences, the security of emails have been called into question. With hackers being as sophisticated as they are, it can be nearly impossible to identify the suspect or what data has been stolen for that matter.

When compared to text messages, emails offer a variety of options that enhance security. For example, Gmail supports a variety of third-party plugins that allow a sender to encrypt their emails. Additionally, Microsoft Outlook comes with encryption support for emails that enable better security.

Are Android text messages encrypted?

With over 80% of smartphones running Android operating systems, it goes without saying that Android is the world’s most-used phone OS.

By default, messages sent from an Android phone are not encrypted. However, given Android’s extensive app support, there are plenty of third-party applications that allow text messages to be encrypted.

So, if you ever wondered are android text messages encrypted, then the answer is a resounding yes. However, care should be exercised when choosing a message encryption app – with data being such a precious commodity, you would not want to run the risk of accidentally installing the wrong app.

Are iPhone text messages encrypted?

Apple devices have long been renowned for their quality and design. So it should come as no surprise that Apple places a premium on security. Text messages sent from Apple’s iMessage are securely encrypted which makes them extremely difficult to intercept.

How to send texts securely?

Sending messages via SMS can only get you so far. Recognizing the need for safe, secure communication, the industry has provided users with a myriad of choices to choose from.

Instead of relying on your service provider or carrier to secure your text messages you can choose Tezro App.

How to increase your security and privacy using secure messaging?

Despite sophisticated security protocols and encryption technology, cybercriminals will always find a way. The normalization of risk and complacency will only lead to security breaches. As a rule of thumb, always practice good data hygiene when sending messages.

Avoid using public wi-fi networks and only rely on a trusted source. Don’t text in public or when you’re using public transport – you’ll never know who’s watching.

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Message Encryption: Definition, Best Practices & More

In today’s hyper-connected world, data is a top commodity – one prized by both governments and criminals. With social media and the news shaping our opinions and beliefs, information gathered from individuals is priceless.

Targeted advertising monitors your behavior to better understand your preferences in order to suggest more relevant advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram collect your data to develop a profile of you as a consumer and an individual.

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is clear that data willingly provided by millions of social media users are being harvested for nefarious purposes.

From shifting your beliefs to influencing your decisions, it’s clear that the information age is turning into a dystopian nightmare. One where every word is monitored, analyzed and then manipulated back to you.

This is why data encryption has an increasingly larger role in today’s world. Protecting your data and ensuring that the wrong parties do not gain access to sensitive information is key.

What does encrypted message mean?

In a nutshell, encryption refers to the process of converting data into another form prior to it being transferred. This data can then only be unlocked with the use of a specialized digital key that decrypts the information into a recognizable form.

Encrypted messages have been around since the dawn of time with its roots in warfare. During the time of the Roman Empire, generals would use specialized ciphers to communicate with one another.

This ensured that in the event that a messenger was captured, vital strategic information would not be made available to the enemy as they lacked the proper cipher to decrypt the message.

World War II is another clear example of the importance role that message encryption has. By encrypting their messages with their Enigma machine, German commanders were able to coordinate crippling u-boat raids on British shipping.

Left unchecked, this could be disastrous for Britain and her allies who were heavily reliant on merchant vessels to deliver vital supplies. As the Allies were unable to decrypt German messages, they were helpless to protect their shipping lines.

However, the Allies would gain the upper-hand with the breaking of the German Enigma code. Something which allowed them to decipher German encrypted messages and counter their u-boat raids.

The same concept can be applied to sending text messages nowadays. Encrypted text messages are nearly impossible to intercept and decipher which goes a long way towards protecting your privacy.

Get the Tezro App

TEZRO is an all-in-one application for secure instant messaging and crypto payments, there is no need to have multiple chat applications or crypto wallets ever again. Your communication and finances are secure and encrypted under TEZRO. Try it now!

End-to-end encryption explained

End-to-end encryption or E2EE uses cryptography to encode messages for security purposes. This ensures that parties outside that of the recipient are not able to decipher the contents of the message.

To do so, E2EE systems utilize what is known as cryptographic keys to both encode and decipher the contents of a message. Any party that does not have the correct decryption key will find it nearly impossible to gain access to an encrypted message.

Cryptographic keys stored at the end point makes it nearly impossible for conventional hackers to intercept said messages. This system is not foolproof however with two known key weaknesses.

Firstly, a hacker could theoretically gain access to encrypted messages by stealing the public key of either one or both endpoints. This would enable them to perform a man-in-the-middle attack thus gaining access to sensitive information.

Secondly, developments in technology and computing power could allow a dedicated hacker to perform a brute force attack to break the encryption key.

Both situations are worrisome which is why researchers are constantly working on ways to further improve E2EE technology.


Why is SMS messaging outdated?

Also known as short message service, SMS has been one of the simplest yet most effective methods of communication since the development of mobile phones. SMS allows a person to quickly communicate with a friend or loved one via text messages.

Given the massive volume of text messages sent on a daily basis, the odds of a hacker actually intercepting and reading your message are abysmal. This is however, no reason to remain complacent.

In fact, by taking a closer look, it is clear to see that SMS messaging is woefully outdated. Being the world’s most popular OS, Android is used by potentially billions of users around the globe everyday.

With the exception of third-party applications, Android does not encrypt text messages sent from a phone. Even with the support of third-party software, the effectiveness of such apps remains highly doubtful.

The lack of message encryption also means that text messages sent via mobile present a major security risk. This is because unencrypted text messages leak metadata such as telephone numbers which can lead to the identification of the sender.

Why Should You Use an Encrypted Messaging App?

Encrypted messaging apps emerged in response to the revelation that both government bodies and private companies have a vested interest in harvesting the data of consumers.

Messenger apps employ sophisticated message encryption technology. This provides an additional layer of security that makes it all the more difficult for your messages to be read.

Encrypted messaging apps also reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim of cybercrimes such as fraud and identity theft. It is shocking how most phone users choose to exchange sensitive financial information via SMS. This provides hackers and thieves with the perfect opportunity to steal and misuse such delicate information.

Message encryption: what to encrypt?

1. The connection 

Encrypting your internet connection is an easy and effective way to safeguard your identity whilst protecting your privacy. Virtual private networks or VPNs encrypt your online traffic by routing your it through various servers.

This ensures that your internet browsing experience remains private and protects you from being tracked.

2. Your actual email messages

Emails contain a variety of sensitive information that can be stolen or used against you. Encrypting this text ensures that parties with malicious intent will not be able to gain access to this information.

3. Your stored, cached, or archived email messages

From financial statements to confidential personal details such as medical records, it’s always good practice to encrypt stored, cached, or archived email messages. As can be seen by the controversy involving emails sent by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, old emails can still cause plenty of trouble.

How Secure Is Your Recipient?

While you may have taken steps to safeguard yourself. You will still need to ask yourself how secure your recipient actually is. Have you taken steps to identify their identity?

Has a thorough evaluation of their cybersecurity protocols been conducted?

Failing to conduct the proper due diligence can result in the failure of even the most secure of systems.

Make sure you always follow the proper measures to have a safe browsing online and avoid using public wi-fi networks.